1/ I am a to do list addict

2/ My heritage is from Madagascar, France and Lithuania

3/ I have (at least) one new idea a day. Very difficult to keep up.

4/ I have a lot of trouble finishing what I start. Blame it on my new ideas.

5/ I am a Taurus, and it often shows in the way I run my business ^^

6/ I am a shy person who tries not to be one.

7/ I rarely swear.

8/ My favourite color is purple.

9/ My number one goal is to achieve my dreams and show people how to achieve theirs.

10/ My philosophy : « always look on the bright side ».

11/ I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t like alcohol, coffee or chocolate.

12/ I bake a lot but I don’t eat it because I am not a sweet tooth at all. So I offer it (anyone interested ?)

13/ When I grow up, I want to be a serial entrepreneur. I already have two businesses.

14/ I am 1,60m tall since I was 11. So I know what it’s like to be both taller and smaller than everyone.

15/ I have lived 1 year in Australia and 3 months in Madagascar.

16/ I collect notebooks. I have always one on me.

17/ I look younger than my age.

18/ My favourite dessert is fruit salad.

19/ I don’t drink hot beverages.

20/ For me a meal that you can drink is not a real meal.

21/ I hate the color green.

22/ I love people watching.

23/ I can’t skip. True story.

24/ I can’t hide my emotions. So I cry in front of random tv shows, like Masterchef or the Amazing race. Shame.

25/ I have very curly hair, I wear cool glasses and I am proud of it.

26/ I like to walk in the rain with a bright yellow umbrella. I pretend it’s sunny.

27/ I hate being in a dark room when it’s sunny outside.

28/ I like to do a thousand things at the same time. Bad, obviously.

29/ Touches of pink make me happy. Especially in my office.

30/ I read magazines starting by the end.

31/ Once I had a dream that I would marry someone called Jean-Anouk (John-Anouk in English). I am still searching.

32/  I am deeply in love. His name is not Jean Anouk but I forgive him, his name is Jean.

33/ I fall asleep in 5 minutes flat. Even in the middle of a gig.

34/ I have practiced ice-skating, table tennis, basket ball, hip hop and salsa.

35/ I hate driving.

36/ I wish I could sing.

37/ I never say no to French fries.

38/ I am a pain when I am hungry.

39/ When I was a baby, I was scared of white dads, because mine is black.

40/ By the way, I am Anouk, 25, from Paris.


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